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slacker n : a person who shirks their work or duty (especially one who tries to evade military service in wartime) [syn: shirker]

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  1. One who procrastinates or is lazy; cf. slack off.
  2. A person lacking a sense of direction in life; an underachiever.
  3. A user of Slackware Linux.

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The term slacker is commonly used to refer to a person who avoids work or military service, or (primarily in North American English) an educated person who is antimaterialistic and viewed as an underachiever.
While use of the term slacker for one who shirks work dates back to about 1790 or 1898 depending on the source, it achieved a boost in popularity after the release of the influential 1991 Richard Linklater film Slacker.

Slackers and computers

The term Slacker is also used for a person who uses or advocates use of the Slackware distribution of Linux. This use of "Slack" comes from the Church of the SubGenius. Slackware does fit in with the concept of slacker in that it follows the KISS principle, relying heavily on simple, flexible text scripts rather than fancy yet brittle GUI elements. The Slackware logo is Tux the penguin with a corncob pipe.

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bungler, clock watcher, disregarder, dodger, eye-servant, goldbrick, goldbricker, goof-off, idler, ignorer, loafer, malingerer, neglecter, negligent, old soldier, procrastinator, shirk, shirker, skulk, skulker, slinker, sloven, slugabed, sluggard, slut, soldier, spiv, tax dodger, trifler, truant, waiter on Providence, welsher
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